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Contributors of Research

apron with gold square and compasses

Grateful acknowledgement is made to those who have contributed research to this website:

Alvin Benemerito, PM, Long Pine Lodge No. 136, AF&AM, Long Pine, Nebraska

Peter F. Coates, PM, Aultone Lodge No 6873 UGLE in the Province of Surrey, England

Brother Milo Dailey, Concord Lodge No. 13, Watertown, South Dakota

Brother Harold Davidson, Billings Masonic Library

Robert G. Davis, Fellow of the Philalethes Society, PM, Albert Pike Lodge No. 162, Guthrie, Oklahoma

Gérard Dielemans, Past Master Lodge No.1 "L'Union Royale" at the Hague, Holland

Brian Fegely PM, Montgomery [formerly "Military"] Lodge #19, Philadelphia, RWGLofPA

Gary A. Fields, PM Commonwealth Lodge #325 F.&A.M. of Wisconsin, Editor of Masonic Illuminator, Founder of Commonwealth Study Committee of Madison, Wisconsin

Dr. Roger M. Firestone, 33º, Musician/Lodge Educ. Ofcr., Henry Lodge #57, AF&AM of VA, Fairfax

Brother Albert S. Gastoukian, 32º, Elmer Timberman Lodge #54, Annandale, Virginia

Brother Bruno Virgilio Gazzo, Editor and publisher of Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry

Touvia (Teddy) Goldstein, 32º, MPS, PM La Fraternidad 62 Tel Aviv (Spanish), Montefiori 78 Tel Aviv (English), Jerusalem 91 Rome, GL State of Israel

Brother Demetrije Golemovic, Serbian Historian

Jim Guffy, PM, Evergreen #713, Indianapolis, Indiana

Brother Chris Harris, Liberty Lodge #31, Liberty, Missouri

George Helmer Fellow of the Philalethes Society, PM Norwood Lodge #90, Grand Lodge of Alberta

Brother Grady Lee Honeycutt, Editor and publisher of The Hiram Worldwide Newsletter

Brother Derek Hughson, Provincial Grand Organist, Masonic Province of West Lancashire, UGLE

Brother Jacques Huyghebaert, Internet Lodge no 9659, EC

J. Hyatt, PM, Marine Lodge #2, Charleston, SC

Brother Ron Keller of Euclid Lodge, #65, A.F.& A.M. of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Illinois

Peter Kemp, PM and Secretary, Scotia Lodge No. 263, Brisbane, Queensland Australia, UGLQ

Brother Simo E. W. Laine, Finnish Historian

Brother Patrick Lehrman, Musician

Brother Norman Gene Lincoln, MPS, Camden, Ohio

Richard Lozins, Oriental Lodge #33 AF&AM, Chicago IL GL of Il

J. R. Martin, Full Member, Texas Lodge of Research AF&AM

Pete Martinez, PM, Texas Lodge of Research AF&AM, and a few others

Brother Stewart James McBride, The Royal Sussex Lodge of Emulation Number 355, Swindon, Province of Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Neil Wynes Morse, Secretary, Canberra Lodge of Research and Instruction meeting in Canberra, Australia's national capital

Neil Neddermeyer, PGM Minnisota, publisher of the Masonic newsletter, "Cinosam"

Richard Num, PM South Australian Lodge of Research No. 216, Adalaide, South Australia

Brother Carlos Ramirez, Hermogenes del Canto Loge Nº 132 Valdivia - Chile

George S. Robinson, Jr., PM, Mt. Pickering Lodge, No. 446, Upper Uwchland, Pennsylvania, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

Brother David Russell, Lodge Loch Fyne No. 754, Lochgilphead, Scotland

Mark R. Sandstrom, PM, Covina Lodge No. 334, Covina, California

Arthur E. Seddon, PM, Burbank Lodge No. 406, Burbank, California

Brother Barnes A. Sharritt, Jr., Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Minnesota

Robert H. Sherman, Past Master, Pajarito Lodge #66, Past DDGM, Grand Lodge of New Mexico

Brother John Shroeder, Virginia, USA

Brother Christian Stalder, La juste et Parfaite Loge "La Parole de Vie" - Colonne d'Harmonie 2nd grade à l'Orient de Genève GLSAlpina

William J. Thomas, PM, Shakespeare Lodge No. 750, New York, New York

Brother David Thompson, Norfolk Broads Lodge No. 8368 UGLE

Brother Tom Thornton, Cincinnati No. 3, Morristown, New Jersey, Masonic Organist and Collector of old tools specializing in hand cranked grindstones!

Todd J. Wilkinson, PM, Solomon Lodge No. 271, AF & AM, Springfield, Missouri, member, Lodge Annandale-Rememberance No. 240, UGL of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, Missouri Representative, HMAS Nirimba Masonic Assocation

Most of these brothers are members of Pietre-Stones Egroup or the Philalethes Society