French & Indian War Scene

My French & Indian War Veteran Ancester

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Private, Pennsylvia Militia

TOBIAS HENDRIX b. Chester, PA, 1732
d. Lexington, SC, 1807
Married: 1753 to Mary Spinckel
b. 1734, Pennsylvania, d. Lexington, SC, 1784
S: JOHN HENDRIX 1761-1815

JOHN HENDRIX b. Lexington, SC, 1761
d. Lexington, SC, 1800
Married: 1785 to Mary Stagner
b. 1768, d. Lexington, SC, 1815

Mahala Hendrix gravestone

WILLIAM HENDRIX b. Lexington, South Carolina, Nov. 28, 1796
d. Leake, Mississippi, Apr. 5, 1879
Married: Feb. 7, 1828 in Monroe, Alabama to MARY MAHALA MASSEY
b. Kershaw, South Carolina, Jul. 3, 1810 d. Leake, Mississippi, Aug. 15, 1848
D: ANNE ELIZA (Elizabeth) 1828~1901
D: Sarah 1822-
D: Martha 1823-

ANNE ELIZA (Elizabeth) HENDRIX b. Monroe, Alabama, Oct. 3, 1828
Married: Aug. 5,1862 in Leake, Mississippi to OLIVER HAZARD PERRY DAVIS

b. Columbus, Georgia (possibly in Alabama) August 20, 1838
Resident: Carthage, Leake Co., Mississippi in 1860
Enlisted: Co I, 15th Mississippi Infantry Regiment;
Highest Rank: Private
D: SARAH JANE (Sally John) 1865-1938

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SARAH JANE (SALLY JOHN) DAVIS b. Carthage, Leake Co., Mississippi Mar. 13, 1865
Married: WILLIAM JESSE HITT GRAY b. Mississippi 1861
D: Jessie 1891-
S: BEN OLIVER 1892-1966
D: Estelle 1894-
S: Paul H. 1896-1979
D: Lillian 1898-
S: John D. 1900-
D: Bess 1901

BEN OLIVER GRAY b. ~1894 East Point, Louisiana (age 36 in 1930)
Married: ISOLA JANE WARD b. ~ 1896 Wetumka, Alabama (age 34 in 1930)
S: John b. and passed prior to 1930
D: Mary Ben b. Louisiana ~1921 (age 9 in 1930)
D: GERALDINE (living)

Married: HARRY MARTIN b. Sep. 1922 Rosslyn, Powell Co., Kentucky
S: John (living)
S: Eric (living)
S: Zachary (living)
D: Candaca (living)
S: Bradley (living)

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