LABORE ET CONSTANTIA - from a building in Antwerp: The Plantin-Moretus Museum, called De Gulden Passer

The following websites designed by KISS Websites are totally non-commercial and devoted to instruction or enthusiasm in various pursuits. Our website designer would appreciate any comments or suggestions. The idea behind KISS Websites is to make websites that are appealing to the eye and ear, with a minimum of extra activity. No frames and few images are used to improve download time and to be friendly to visitors with less than state-of-the-art equipment. The research and information is credited as well as possible, and the theme of each site is narrowed to maintain the interest of both the visitors and contributors alike. All KISS Websites are best viewed by browsers set at 800X600.

Websites designed and maintained by KISS Websites:

In honor and memory of those who risked and gave
 their lives September 11, 2001 - We will not tire,
 we will not falter, and we will not fail. Geo. W. Bush
In honor and memory of those who risked and gave their lives September 11, 2001

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Awards & Affiliations

Other awards programs for which the Website Designer has been a judge:
iconOperative Webmasons Guild Members Website Awards (2001-Present)
icon Grand Lodge of Texas Stephan F. Austin Website Awards (2001-2003) [defunct]

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A Word about Our KISS Websites Graphics and Copyrights

Our graphics are usually free graphics picked up from websites offering free graphics to website builders or they are our own manufacture. It is our intent to produce outstanding websites with very little extra distraction from the graphics, and at the same time, to avoid boring the visitor with old, tired, hackneyed graphics. This is in keeping with our philosophy of using the best elements of website building but forcing ourselves to remain "simple and elegant".

Next, where the graphics should be acknowledged, there is credit given for the origin. Otherwise, the graphics are free or made by us.

Finally, KISS Websites does not condone nor practice bandwidth piracy. Some of our websites are combinations, sometimes using several different servers for separate webpages, but all of the graphics are stored in websites within the same server as the webpages that display them. For example, all of the graphics used on webpages on the Angelfire server are also stored on the Angelfire server. And KISS Websites owns or operates all of the sites used for both storing and displaying its graphics.

Other websites are welcome to link to any KISS Websites pages, but NOT directly to our graphics! If you want to use the graphics on KISS Websites, please ask permission, we are very easy to get along with, but we cannot be responsible for the content or actions of websites that use our graphics or link to us.

Our Privacy Policy

All of the information collected for any reason by Keepitsimplestu...(KISS) Websites is DELETED. PERIOD. It is not saved; it is not shared; it is DELETED!!!

Only what is posted on the "Winners Pages" for our awards is kept. In other words, what you see is what we got!!!

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